Duka AG

The competition for the new company headquarters was won by KUP Architekten from Brixen, who chose to present the building volume as a uniformly designed volume. In collaboration with the interior designer Bea Mitterhofer, we were able to participate in the interior planning, tendering and construction management of the Duka-World. This involves the entire representative areas with reception, bar areas, meeting rooms, sanitary facilities, staircase, training rooms, the company canteen, and the exhibition area, where 170 shower cabins are presented in a wide range of installation options. Many design ideas play with the subject water and water drops. The Duka-World is primarily intended for retailers and their customers: specialist plumbers and architects. They come to the factory in Brixen and are taken on a fascinating journey. A tour that leads through the production areas and ends with a visit to the exhibition. The exhibition is complemented by assembly training rooms. There, the details and correct mounting of the shower enclosures are presented to the customers.

in collaboration with Bea Mitterhofer, Bressanone


Duka AG


Brixen, South Tyrol




Santifaller Philipp