Roner Alm

The existing Ronerhütte mountain hut will be demolished and rebuilt in an expanded form. The location and form of the new structure should be similar to the existing structure, so that existing visual axes can be retained, and the visitor is presented with as familiar an image as possible. The intervention in the natural landscape was reduced to a minimum by using a construction method that was as compact and space-saving as possible. The separation of the building volume into two structures with a one-story set-back connecting building follows the natural gradient of the terrain, so that cabins merge best with the alpine landscape. The architectural design was inspired by some elements of the surrounding alpine huts, which were taken up and reinterpreted. The base area of the two main volumes have received a medium rough warm grey plaster finish. The upper stories were built in traditional timber block construction without protective coating. The timber surface can therefore turn grey depending on the weather and the orientation of the sun and will acquire a rich play of colors over time.

in collaboration with Geometra Carolin Hinteregger


Roner Alm


Rodenecker Alm, South Tyrol




Martin Bacher