Appartment HMH

A typical multi-family house along the Sterzing/Pfitsch state road was extended in the attic and optimized in terms of energy consumption. The lower floors had to remain unchanged. The aim was to create an open and light-filled living space. The existing staircase already provides access to the flat in the attic, which appears constricting and dark due to its layout. In order to improve the usability of the attic, a flat roof dormer was planned, which integrates into the existing roof image and can be found on several buildings in the neighborhood. The already familiar appearance with gable roof, roof direction and dark wooden paneling remain identical. Within the house, a new floor plan has been developed. The bedrooms are oriented towards the east and cannot be seen by guests. Only the horizontal corridor window in the storage area of the kitchen gives a hint that the bedrooms must be located behind it. The central room is the comfortable living area. A furniture separates the different zonings of the room, but the transitions are seamless. The height of the elements was adjusted to the user’s visual axes. The functions of the furniture’s are hardly recognizable due to the choice of dark wood. The rest of the furniture wer designed and selected reducing the visual impact to a minimum in order to achieve a harmonious overall picture.




Wiesen, South Tyrol




Eheim Jürgen