The building is located on a hillside and has a breathtaking panorama thanks to its orientation and elevations. The surrounding areas are characterized by old farms, the monastery of Säben and the dry stone walls typical within the vineyards. The building concept is inspired by old farmhouses, but in particular by the traditional elements of a barn. The functional paneling with horizontal and vertical wooden beams for hanging hay, corn or various other utensils is picked up in the design and covers the structure. The traditional linear layout is re-modelled and becomes denser in certain areas. The space behind is protected from the public view and allows window openings being slightly bigger in size as the typical proportions of the site. The distance to the walls is chosen in such a way that a balcony area can be created around which is protected from the weather. The result is a compact, but nevertheless well-structured building. The connections between new and old communicates trust. The selected concept for the access results in covered parking and entrance areas in the basement. The building elements of dry-stone walls used in the access is inserted into the parking area and thereby intersects with the landscape, creating an overgrown “natural” structure.




Pardell/Klausen, South Tyrol


Invited competition, 2nd prize


Stephan Prossliner