Transbozen Logistik GmbH

The shape of the structure for the new administration building and warehouse had already been defined. The task was to develop an attractive façade that would match with the company’s profile. The façade is divided into two areas. The base zone is painted in a grey tone, similar to the silver-colored panels of the existing warehouses, so that a uniform appearance is created. The upper floor is differentiated and receives an expanded metal façade with an artistic character. In particularly in the evening, the company typical colors express speed and dynamic through the polygonal shapes. In the layout of the administrative section, great importance was attached to a goal-oriented routing. There is no typical reception area with a secretary’s office. For this very reason, it was important that arrivals find well-defined areas. The visibility of the workplaces is created by the combination of glass walls and sloped walls in wood.

in collaboration with Baubüro, Bozen


Transbozen Logistik GmbH


Klausen, South Tyrol




Gruber Rene