Dabringer GmbH

The existing building structure was partially renovated a few years ago and should be completed in the process of renovation and extension of the office space. A windbreak in front of the building serves as a distribution room to the offices and the common areas, so that the employees have access to the changing rooms and sanitary facilities regardless to the opening hours. To the waste management companies was important to offer their customers a clean and pure appearance, which is reflected in the choice of materials. The central design theme was the wood paneling of the building’s core. Integrated into this are cupboards, sanitary facilities, and access to the top floor. The transparent office design makes it possible to have an overview of the company’s activities from every working place. A container cube was set up in the common area, which symbolizes the containers of the company. A small kitchen and sanitary facilities were built into it. Next to it is a lounge area and a large meeting room.


Dabringer GmbH


Schrambach, Südtirol




Eheim Jürgen