House MCG

For economic reasons, the project required the demolition of the old building. The aim was to design two independent housing units with the best amount of natural light, while at the same time creating covered and open spaces and incorporating some structural elements in exposed concrete. On the street side, the new building presents itself as a simple, discreet volume with a pitched roof typical for the location and a reduced canopy, while retaining the original roof line and ridge direction. Due to the pre-existing height differences of the plot, the original street-side supporting wall was redesigned and blends now gently into the landscape through the terraced building structure. For the main flat on the ground and top floors a uniform and continuous design concept was created. Clear lines, a reduced material concept and the simple language of forms were essential guiding principles. The interior gains expression and liveliness through a clever combination of colours, materials and a distinctive haptic. On entering the flat, guests are greeted by a furniture cube covered in wood, which contains various functions. Also visible is a white bar that grows almost floatingly out of the wooden furniture and is part of the kitchen. kitchen devices are not visible. The “corner bench” continues the flowing form of the kitchen and is recognisable as an independent area due to the change of material and the three pendant lights. The living room is adjacent. The boundaries between the two areas are not clearly defined. Only if necessary, they can be separated from each other by a sliding door system flush mounted with the ceiling.




Pardaun, South Tyrol




Eheim Jürgen